b. Create VPC


If using a new account, your VPC configuration will consist of one public subnet and a private subnet in the target region. The p4d instances come with 4 network cards and need to be placed into a private subnet otherwise instances will not be able to communicate over the network (see here) and your cluster will fail creation.

Unless you are comfortable deploying a private subnet, set the routes and security groups, we recommend that you deploy a custom VPC using the CloudFormation template called ML-VPC. This template is region agnostic and enables you to create a VPC with the required network architecture to run your workloads.

Please follow the steps below to deploy your new VPC:

  1. Click on this link to deploy to CloudFormation:

    Deploy VPC
  2. You will see a list of parameters, do as follows:

    • In Name of your VPC, leave as default ML-VPC.
    • For Availability zones (AZ’s), select all of them. This will deploy a public and private subnet in each AZ. Later we’ll specify which one to use.
    • Select the number of AZ’s you selected above
    • Keep the S3 Endpoint, Public Subnet and DynamoDB Endpoint as true.
  3. Tick the acknowledgement box in the Capabilities section and create the stack.

It will take a few minutes to deploy your network architecture. Please proceed to the next section while waiting.